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09/03|089 I POP Studio

In 2011, Chun Che Lin was invited as the concert dance director of Suming. He tried to incorporated the traditional indigenous moves into popular dance with Suming’s music style. However, he did not realize indigenous dance well at that time and feel not perfectly present during the choreography process. In July, 2011, Matzka invited Chun Che Lin as the concert dancer. They took Taitung’s area code“089” as the group’s name. Most of the members are indigenous hip-hop dancers. In 2014, 089 I POP Studio has applied for the First Entrepreneurship Subsidy Program of CIP(Council of Indigenous Peoples) for establishing a dancing studio back home, and accompany local children with dance. 089 I POP Studio has earned one hundred dollars subsidy from the program. In 2015, 089 I POP Studio has moved back to Taitung. In 2016, 089 I POP Studio has registered in Taitung County Cultural Affairs Department as a dancing studio. 089 I POP Studio incorporates elements of traditional indigenous music and dance into pop music, and develop “I POP” performance style.

Besides, 089 I POP Studio combines local ethnic symbols with contemporary pop culture and tries to bring out the meaning of Taiwan ethnic cultures with popular culture.

“I” indicated the word “indigenous”, which is originating or occurring naturally in a particular place; native. “POP” means “popular art”. It is an art movement that was a challenge to traditions of fine art by including imagery from popular and mass culture.