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09/01 | TAI Body Theater

TAI Body Theater

TAI Body Theater was founded by the indigenous Truku artist Watan .Tusi in 2012.        

TAI means “look” and “see” in the Truku language. In the hope of

promoting different aspects and modern issues of Taiwan indigenous people, TAI has been so innovative and productive developing new forms and aesthetics through combining and transmitting traditional percussion into “foot scripts”. Watan has conducted field studies to explore the connections between the feet and the land and recorded more than 60 “foot scripts.” 

The theater has touched on issues such as indigenous literatures and the relationship between the body and environmental conflicts. Since founded, TAI Body Theatre has built up its reputation and has been invited for international tours such as Edinburgh Festival Fringe in the UK and the Jogja International Performance Art Festival in Indonesia. Its work Dancing Under the Bridge has been nominated for the 2016 Taishin Arts Awards , in 2018 its work Terrace on the Hill won the First Prize on Pulima Art Award in Taiwan.