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ABAO ,  her native name is Aljenljeng .
A singer, songwriter, TV program host

Abao was born in a Paiwan family in southeastern Taiwan.

She started her career as a member of a female duet [Abao & Brandy] in 2003. The first album, also a debut album of this duet, was released in the same year, 2003. This Chinese mandarin pop album brought a great success, including the best duet title of the 15th golden melody award in 2004. After that, Abao started to move her focus from singing to album planning/producing, and continue to write songs.

From year 2012, Abao started her TV program host role in TITV, a Taiwanese indigenous TV station. The main goal of her role is to promote the indigenous cultural and exploring all the different form on the indigenous art.

In year 2016, Abao successfully turn herself from a Chinese mandarin pop singer into a indigenous R&B singer. Every songs of her first indigenous R&B album [Vavayan] , released in 2016, are all in Paiwan language. This album also brought a great success on both indigenous and non-indigenous communities.