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In Taiwan, the aboriginal people are considered very good at sports and singing.  Biung, comes from one of aboriginal tribes named Bunun in the mountain of Taitung, Taiwan. His name Biung means “ pass the flame of remembrance onto the next generation “. 15 years ago, with a acoustic guitar and his devotion, Biung was awarded the Best Dialect Male Singer by The Golden Melody Awards, the Taiwanese equivalent to the Grammy Awards. He  was also the first ever Singer-songwriter awarded with the creation in aboriginal dialect. Through musical creation Biung hopes to convey the love for motherland, family and friendship as well as pass down aboriginal culture and the care for mother nature.

In 2000, his first debut album “The Hunter” was nominated by The Golden Melody Awards (GMA) right away after released. The next year, in 2001, his second album “Biung” was awarded Best Dialect Male Singer by GMA. Biung aims to be a versatile singer-songwriter, not only has he put huge devotion in music with 5 albums and 1 record single released and got awarded in numerous musical awards in the past years but also dipped into hosting, acting, musical and music production .

Sailing in Music is not all smooth; however, Biung has never yielded to difficulties. Instead his persistance of carrying forward new form of aboriginal music has always brought him into the next era of his musical history. In 2015, Biung attended one of the most famous Chinese reality talent show – Sing My Song, and he won the quarter-final by his self-written song “The Colors of Dream” From aboriginal dialect music to pop music, Biung hopes his crossover music can keep making more people touched by his creation inspired by the beauty and harmony of the tribes.