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09/21︱Hsieh Ming-Yu

As a seasoned music composing veteran who has written umpteen pieces of admirable works, Hsieh Ming-Yu has been devoted himself in vernacular lyric writing and its promotion in recent years, Ming-Yu is referred as “Taiwanese troubadour-singer” since his oeuvres are deem suave and poetic, and highly lauded by the literary community.


Ming-Yu’s lyrical and melodic creations span across both Mandarin and Hokkien pop music world, while his solo albums have been constantly commended by the Golden Melody Awards— the highest honorary recognition of outstanding achievement in the popular and traditional music industry.


The album “Tainan” had won him the 24th Golden Melody Awards for the Best Taiwanese Album and Best Taiwanese Male Artist, along with the 4th Golden Indie Music Awards for Best Folk Album and Best Folk Single; his “Love Beast” album received the 6th Golden Indie Music Awards for Best Folk Album and various other tributes; the album “Old Year” received 28th Golden Melody Awards for Best Taiwanese Male Singer, and it obtained the recognition of Best Folk Album while winning Album of the Year of the 8th Golden Indie Music Awards, and the “Prelude” in the album was accredited with the Best Folk Song that year, additionally, The Association of Music Workers in Taiwan also granted the album the one of the Best Ten Albums of the Year, the single ”The Suitcase”, was named one of the Best Ten Singles in the same year; In 2020, Golden Melody Awards committee saluted Ming-Yu as the 31st Best Lyricist and Best Single Producer for the theme song “Road” he wrote for the PBS drama “Freewill Of Formosa”.