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06/21︱Ilid Kaolo

Her clear and resonant singing voice has a radiance that warms your heart, like morning sunlight on golden rice fields. Her unique melodies are like a Pacific Ocean breeze. Sometimes soft. Sometimes full of passionate energy.

Ilid Kaolo was born in Fenglin township, Hualien county. It is a small Amis tribal village called Cingaloan. When she was seven years old she moved to Taipei, where she grew up. She joined the Formosa Aboriginal Song and Dance Troupe and began learning traditional Taiwanese indigenous music and dance. It was here that she acquired a deep understanding of traditional culture.

She also performed in folk music restaurants learning the style of modern music. Through these experiences she developed into a singer songwriter with the rare ability to cross over between ethnic groups and languages. The fresh and graceful melodies of Ilid Kaolo’s compositions in both Mandarin and Amis, convey a concern for modern society, culture and nature.

Ilid Kaolo’s 2011 album “My carefree Life”won her Golden Melody Awards for Best New Artist, Best Aboriginal Singer and Best Aboriginal Album. Using crowdfunding, she independently produced and released her 2015 album “A Beautiful Moment”, which was named one of the ten best albums of 2015 by the Musicians Association of Taiwan.

Ilid Kaolo