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09/12︱Jérôme Chassagnard

Having been active in South France since 1991, he started his sound explorations as a unit named «Ab ovo» with Régis Baillet in the early stage. With their mature skills and profound spirituality, they have become a well-known group in the French experimental electronic music industry, and have released nearly ten albums.


In 2012, Ab ovo wrote the music for a documentary film, «The gatekeepers» , which was nominated for the 2013 Best Documentary Feature Oscars award.


At his later stage, he began to focus on personal creation and also cooperated with other musicians, creating other styles and realms that were different from the «Ab ovo» period. His musical style is influenced by romanticism and neoclassicism, and spiritually inspired by nature and the essence of the universe. Jérôme is good at building multiple spaces with rich soundtracks, presenting subtle changes in time with different atmospheres, and exposing various hidden emotions in the depths of human nature.


In 2020, Jérôme cooperated with the talented director Zheng Zhi-Wen on the EP project  «New Liaozhai: Phantom Affection /The Retribution in This Life » , which is a cross-border interpretation between the oriental classic texts and popular genres/electronic arrangements. He arranged the musical scenes with a strong narrative approach to bring a brand new experience to the audience.


Recently EP released: « Sea », « Wind », « Childhood » ,« Tales of the Piano (Part 1) » …etc.

Jérôme Chassagnard