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09/05︱Kivi and Band 2.0

Hailing from Pingtung, made up of Rukai and Paiwan musicians, two guitars and a set of percussions, Kivi and Band 2.0 is a band that makes you want to listen to with beers. The band was formed in May 2019 with members from different bands. They got together and formed the band only to attend Wawa No Liyal, a band competition. They won the prize at Wawa No Liyal and went on to perform in Japan. With guitar, whose sound is dear to indigenous people, Kivi and Band 2.0 sings about their deep love of their tribal village and the precious moments of life. With a clear voice, simple layout, and straightforward emotions, Kivi and Band 2.0 wishes to share with you every unique note that life has struck in us.