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10/03︱Kuo Min-long

Kuo Min-long(Long-Ger)

Kuo Min-long, also known as Long-ge, is an Amis musician from the Falangaw village in Taitung. Having been physically challenged since little, Kuo fell in love with guitar and the free, immense world of music. He has been a wanderer for all his life, but his guitar has never left his side. The unique playing style and the care-free spirit has won him the nickname of “the guitar master from the east coast”.

In 2016, Kuo’s second solo album Longer Story has won the Golden Melody Awards as the Best Folk Album. This album was also nominated as the Best Indigenous Album, the Best Album of the year, with Kuo himself nominated as the Best Indigenous Artist in the 28th Golden Melody Awards. In his music, audience are amazed with this beautiful soul that shines with talent, humor, and wisdom.

Kuo Min-long