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Nanwan Sisters, three Puyuma  female singers, Samingad, Lavaus and Ihua, from the Nanwan Village of Taitung, are self-claimed as aunties with the looks of “beautiful middle-aged girls.” They started performing music and dance with Chen Jiannian in the Indigenous youth group and was active in the China Youth Corps and various collaborative projects and camping events for several high schools and vocational schools in Taitung. The indigenous youth group and immature high school days were left behind,  they all confronted with the same pressure from the reality and were forced to give up their favorite thing in their life, music! A guitar with rustic strings was left at the corner of the room in idle. If  listening to Nanwan Sisters’ singing closely and intently, one’s heart will be touched by their subtle voices. It is similar to how waves of the East Coast touch our hearts, or how high-quality coffee brings graceful visitors joy. without any intentional stirring-up, the audience gradually removes their self-defense and immerse in the sound mixture of their harmonious vocal lines intertwined as sweet as caramel, honey, and nectar.