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10/02︱O-Kai Singers

Jazzy Indigene – The Purest Voice from Taiwan

O-Kai Singers is an A Cappella group, featuring with Taiwanese indigenous music and jazz. They have a diverse repertoire that presents the beauty of A Cappella harmonies through songs in Taiwanese indigenous languages, Mandarin and English. With a popular and refined performance, O-Kai Singers hope to deepen and cultivate the local audiences, also to provide a brand new appearance to the indigenous music. Music without border, O-Kai Singers believes their tribal cultures and spirit are delivered through their music to the audiences around the world.

O-Kai Singers is an Indigenous Taiwanese vocal group whose outstanding vocal ability has brought them immediate success. Only two months after its establishment they managed to take home first place in national category at the Taiwan International Contemporary A Cappella Festival. Since then, they have shattered records in the Taiwan a cappella scene, winning more than 42 different awards including category of “Best Jazz Album” “Best Asia Album” with their first and second album for Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards (CARAs), 3 awards for Taiwan Golden Melody Awards, 5 national champions, runners up at an international competition, and scoring third place twice in international competitions in Europe. While sharing the stage with top international groups including The Swingle Singers, The Real Group, and The Idea of North, they pushed the total number of performances to more than 1,000 within 15 years.