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10/02 | Quartet

Explore a new world of string music through Interestring Quartet’s playful sound

Interestring Quartet is formed by four string musicians specialized in a diverse range of music genres. The name of the band Interestring Quartet is a play on word of the term “Perfect Fourth” in Mandarin, which holds a special meaning in the study of Jazz Harmony and further breaks away from the concept of chord build with major or minor third, to explores the new boundaries of melodic and harmony composition. The lead violinist Wei-Jun Huang wrote the entire album as well as the composition and musical directions. Along with second violinist Wei-Hsin Liu, Chiee Yeh on viola, and Jiro Yeh on the cello, the band starts its quest to explore the boundless possibilities of string music.

While the general public may still hold the stereotypical image of string music in classical orchestra, or cross-genre musicians such as Bond or Vanessa-Mae, the band believes that string music can be played beyond the rigid bounds of classical music or extravagant showmanship.

Leader of the band and lead violinist Wei-Jun Huang is one of the very few musicians in Taiwan that has obtained a diploma in Jazz performance in Taiwan Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel, master of Arts in Music. After his return back to Taiwan, Huang extended his passion for music into different areas of performing, from Jazz to Pop and even Folk music, Huang builds up the magnitude of his playing style while expanding his own musical experience.
Interestring Quartet is the first string quartet in Taiwan that has compositions spanning from Pop, Rock, Avant-garde, Jazz, and Folk, and is heavily anticipated in bringing a new vision to the field of string music.