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Sangpuy, an old soul hidden in a young body. His distinctive voice comes from Taitung where ocean and mountain meet. Lu Jiexing is his Chinese name. As a singer of ancient folk songs with a long lineage of Puyuma ancestry of the Mafaqin family from Kadib, Sangpuy fluently blends the soulful old vocal expression with modern melodic patterns. He has expressed intense interest in music at a young age and fortunately grew up under village elders’ inexhaustibly music guidance.

This opportunity not only refined his unique vocal talent but also allow him to learn the fading language and songs while building up a solid cultural foundation. In the early days, he was part of Flying Fish and Cloud Leopard Music Workshop and Wild Fire Music Collection, involving in recording sessions on collaborative projects. In 2012, he released Sangpuy-Dalan, his first album in the native language, published by his own record company named after his family, and won five nominations of the 24th Golden Melody Awards and Best Indigenous Singer.