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09/05︱Shan Hay

Shan Hay, from Kasavakan Community of Pinuyumayan Tribe, is a singer-songwriter.

Not that talkative, Shan Hay writes songs by the guitar with keen observation. His music thoroughly records the story of people around him as if he is a storyteller rambling during the night, revealing the feeling of nostalgia.

Shan Hay has learned how to slow down to feel those easily ignored in daily life while adapting himself to the fast pace of life in Taipei City. The accumulated experience has made up his different genres of music and story.

With the ability of healing feelings, Shan Hay’s voice provokes a strong sense of emotional resonance especially among the youth working and living in the city.

Shan Hay’s track,《5 a.m.》 feat. 吱吱, depicting the life of Taitung people has been one of the most popular and well-known songs at the talent show “Jungle Voice 2” in 2019. It gained great appreciation from CoCo Lee and other judges, and the views of the performance video on social media has reached 1.56 million.

Under the moonlight will accompany Shan Hay’s music and voice at TECLandArts Festival in 2020. You will never want to miss it.