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Suming Rupi is an Amis singer-songwriter, actor, artist, dancer and music festival founder from the Dulan tribal village in Taitung County in Taiwan, who is also currently serving as a board member for Taiwan Public Television.

The string of major awards he has won, including a Golden Horse film award, a Golden Melody Award and a Golden Indie Music Award, are not just a testament to the recognition that Suming has achieved in the visual arts and music scenes, but are also a reflection of the development of his own indigenous culture in the context of contemporary society.

From dedicating himself to returning to his indigenous homeland to run youth teaching organizations, to producing albums in his mother tongue, Amis, and founding the Amis Music Festival, Suming has fed back into his own living culture, his land and his community, sharing it with people around the world.

In recent years, Suming has been invited to renowned music festivals around the world, including Glastonbury Festival and WOMAD UK, Norway’s Riddu Riđđu Festival, as well as Fuji Rock in Japan, Darwin Festival in Australia. In Taiwan, Suming has performed at TECLandArts Festival several times once having the the chance, dedicating himself to promoting local Amis, Taiwanese indigenous and Taiwanese culture around the world

Suming 舒米恩粉絲專頁