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06/21︱Totem Band

With a deep connection to Taiwan indigenous cultures, Totem’s music has been highly recognized by musicians from various regions. In addition to the regular arrangement of band instruments, they integrated traditional instruments and chanting and evolved into a wide range of music styles including rock, folk, reggae, bossa nova, and hip-hop. Their performance is special and original, with the unique Taiwan flavor.


The band was formed in 2002, then won the First Prize of the Ho-hai-yan Rock Festival in Gongliao in 2005. In 2006 they released the first album “I Am Singing Overthere”  received awards of Top Ten Albums and, “Banai 19” Top Ten Singles of the Year, from the Chinese Musicians Association. In 2007, they were nominated by the Golden Melody Award as the best group artists. Their second album, “The Shepherd Boy” was released in 2009, and they were nominated as the best group artists by the Golden Melody Award again in 2010, while attending big concerts includes Ho-hai-yan Rock Festival, Formoz Festival, Spring Scream, TK Rock, Indigenous Night, Simple Life Festival. The double vocals’ structure of Totem offers a variety of music styles. Since the majority of the band members are indigenous people, their unique and natural performing style allows the audience to easily enter their music world. After hosting their signature show “Totem’s Slippers Party” for 12 years, the unrestrained free spirit of Totem just wants to invite everyone to their music feast in the most relaxing mood.