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“2019 East Coast Land Arts Festival” begins on June 21, come to the East Coast and join the art fest!

The East Coast National Scenic Area Administration Office (ECNSA) of the Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation Communications, host of the East Coast Land Arts Festival is organizing its grand opening ceremony to be held at the headquarters visitor center in Duli, Chenggong County, Taitung on June 21 Friday at 4 pm. The art festival includes “Artist Residency Program”, “Moonlight Sea Concert,” “Open Studio,” and “Artsy Market.” A national press release is held on the 16th of May in the Taipei Artist Village   attendees including Cai Mingling, the executive secretary of the Tourism Bureau, legislators Su Qiaohui and Gaolu Yiyong Bajila, French consultant Gelei of the Ministry of Culture, Director Hirokazu Matsuda of the Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association Taipei Office, Director Pan Xiaoxue of the Taipei Museum of Contemporary Art, Amaya Sayfi, the Chairman of Indigenous Peoples Cultural Foundation, Indigenous Peoples Cultural Foundation Ethnic Committee Sayun Wulao, Vice President of Mandarin Airlines Zhang Shuguang, Assistant Manager of Uni Airways Li Jitang, Instructor Qiu Ruhua of Institute of Historical Resources Management, Manager Lin Ziling of Cola Tour, EZ-Fly Associated Manager Zhang Junfeng, Taiwan Art Space Alliance TASA Secretary General Cheng Weiru, Luo Jiahong, the CEO of Xuexue Foundation, and the Golden Melody Award winners Sangpuy and Suming. The official promotional video of this year’s Land Arts Festival will also be released with the singer Sangpuy’s live performance.

The executive secretary of the Tourism Bureau, Cai Mingling, said that the East Coast Land Arts Festival is the bureau’s promotional focus, as well as part of the “Formosa Summer Fest” event series. All tour operators are encouraged to offer art festival tour packages. French consultant Gelei of the Ministry of Culture mentioned that Hualien and Taitung areas are Taiwan’s treasures, as well as an international tourist destination, it deserves to be recommended to travelers. Since the East Coast Land Arts Festival has already grabbed the attention of the international art scenes, this year’s “Southeast Asia Art Residence Forum” has been specially organized to take place in Taitung as a result, adjoining the Moonlight Sea Concert in September. She plans to lead Franch artists to participate in the event then. Director Hirokazu Matsuda of the Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association himself likes to travel to Hualien and Taitung and would help share this event with more Japanese friends. In addition, legislator Gaolu brought up that the theme “Songs of Waves” is very consistent with indigenous people lifestyle, while legislator Su Qiaohui told her story in participating the East Coast Land Arts Festival in the past. Both legislators are very supportive of the event while expecting this year’s event to be smooth and successful.

Lin Weiling, the director of ECNSA, said what made the East Coast Land Arts Festival different from other art festivals, is the artistic energy nurtured by the ocean and land. Its art is embedded in the daily lives of those who live here. Through this event, the charms and attractiveness of the East Coast Taiwan can be revealed to the outside world. “The East Coast Land Arts Festival” integrates landscapes and cultures, bringing artists from around the country and around the world together, interacting with inspired and synergistic locals in the villages to co-create artworks for its residency program. Based on the concept of the art corridor, it also connects various deep-rooted local artist studios along the coast. It is even staged in front of the ocean, with the audience sitting on the ground under the sky and moonlight, enjoying the “Moonlight Sea Concert.” It has become a focus around local and overseas art and literature circles, performers and the majority of common tourist. “Moonlight Sea Concert” has been honored as one of the seven major summer concerts in Taiwan and become everyone’s not-to-be missed travel destination.

Artist Residency

Artist Residency program will invite long term residences of Dulan Village, local artists Siki Sufin, Futuru Tsai, and DJ Hatfield from the Berkeley College of Music in the US, whose long term research focus is music and cultural studies of the Dulan Amis in Taitung. The three artists will collaborate from October to November in setting up a multimedia installation on the Amis people’s ancestral land, Dulan Cape, to represent their cultural roots and active life. Meanwhile, this installation will also be used as the entrance imagery for the Amis Music Festival.

Aligning with the 2020 Mountain Travel Year Campaign, the East Coast Land Arts Festival’s annual theme “Gathering Boundary” will look into the geographic features of the East Coast, being on the border between Eurasia Plate and Phillippine Sea Plate, and considering the artistic sparks created by impactful encounters between the mountainous and the oceanic cultures. We are accepting proposals this year for the selection of five local and overseas artists, as well as four Open Studio partners. It is hoped that one entire year of planning and preparation will infuse the energy of plate aggregation further, soaking in and curing the artworks.

“Moonlight Sea” Concerts

In addition to the still art exhibitions, the “Moonlight Sea Concerts” began in 2016 and has been known for its brilliant contents as well as a romantic and chill ambiance. The ECNSA Headquarters turn the Duli visitor center to a world-class outdoor venue for live performances. On selected full moon night, view of the “rising moon” is incorporated as the background of a gigantic natural theater. It has been highly recognized by the audience, local and foreign performers.

This year, under the theme “Songs of Waves” more visitors are hoped to join us, enjoying this music feast comfortably sitting by the ocean on the ground under the moonlit sky. The seven concerts: “Solstice Wave” (June 21), “Wave Scream and Wave Folks” (July 17-18), Wave Poetry and Wave Swing” (August 16-17) and (Next Wave and Endless Wave” (September 14-15), invited group and individual performers including Totem Band, Sangpuy, Balai, Gagen Band, Lan Xin Band, New/attractive Band, Zenkwun Band, Mr. Loud Who Chance, Ji Shuling, TUDI-VOICE, Outlet Drift, Magalahai’s Gai Ying, the Muddy Basin Ramblers, Yerko Lorca & Kuan Yin, Yujun Wang  & Times, Rui Si, LIO37+SOSS and more. To boost participation and amplify the energy of the show, the organizers unprecedentedly invited group and solo performers to take the stage on September 14, shining together energetically and gloriously under the spotlight like world-class superstars.

“Open Studio”

In order to strengthen local connections, build up an online artwork platform, and further combines the cultural energy of the East Coast, the artists will open their studios for art and cultural exhibition, presenting the diverse and rhythmic artistic energy of the East Coast. Every year, four artist studios will be selected based on the theme “Songs of Waves” in 2019 and “Gathering Boundary” in 2020. Event starts on June 21 and ends on September 30, opening during afternoon hours every Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, along with small performance, market, DIY and experiential workshops.

Sweet Deals and Valued Services

Besides our main events such as “Artist Residency”, “Moonlight Sea Concert” and “Open Art Studios”, we also plan other events including “Artful Travel” and “Arts & Crafts Market”. Paid shuttles will be offered for the “Moonlight Sea Concert” as well as designated tour packages collaborated with the travel agencies, including “2019 Moonlight Sea Concert Tour One Days and Two Days Tours, East Coast One Day Tour of Jailulan, Xiaoma Village and Moonlit Sea Concert” (available now) through Cola Tour; and “2019 Land Arts Festival Moonlight Sea Tour Two Days, Three Days Package, and National Travel Card special deal (available now) through Hsiung-Le Travel Service.

The event programs and contents planned for “2019 East Land Arts Festival” are so rich and brilliant, please check ECNSA website www.eastcoast-nsa.gov.tw/ or the event site www.teclandart.tw. For instant update of the event please check “East Coast Land Arts Festival” and “Nga’ayho East Coast” Facebook Pages.

[Taiwan Good Ride Paid Shuttle Service] Round Trip Shuttles will be offered on June 21, July 17 & 18, August 16 &17, September 14 & 15

[Paid Tour Guides on Saturdays and Sundays] Reservation: Wu Shulun, 089-841005

[Hsiung-Le Travel Service: Available Now- Land Arts Festival Moonlight Sea Tour Two Days, Three Days Packages with National Travel Card special deal] More Info Mr. Chiu 0982-569926

[Cola Tour: Available Now- 2019 Moonlight Sea Hualien Taitung East Coast One Day, Two Days Tour, East Coast One Day Tour to Jailulan, Xiaoma Village and Moonlight Sea Concert]




【2019 East Coast Land Arts Festival Promotional Footage】



[Press Contacts]
Organizers ECNSA

Director of Recreation Division, Chiu Ziya 089-841520#1300

Jian Miaoyi 089-841520#1308


  “Moonlight Sea Concerts” Schedule







Solstic Wave


Gagen Band, Lan Xin Band, Totem Band



Wave Scream


New/attractive Band, Zenkwun Band, Mr. Loud Who Chance



Wave Folk


Balai, Ji Shuling, TUDI-VOICE



Wave Poetry


Magalahai’s Gai Ying, Huang Weijie, Ardor Huang



Wave Swing


Outlet Drift, Muddy Basin Ramblers, Yujun Wang & Times



Next Wave

Your Moonlight Stage


Three selected groups



Endless Wave

Yerko Lorca & Kuan Yin約羅卡與冠螢、芮斯、LEO37+SOSS、桑布伊

Yerko Lorca & Kuan Yin, Rui Si, LEO37+SOSS, Sangpuy


“2018-2019 Artist Installation Info & Location

藝術家 Artists 設置地點 Locations

Lin Hongwen


Zhang Yuan Bridge (77.5 KM @ Highway 11)


Eleng Luluan

寧埔遊憩區 (台11線95.5公里處)

Jingpu Village (77.5 KM @ Highway 11)


Rao Aiqin


Jialulan Recreational Area (157.5 KM @ Highway 11)


Huang Zhiwei


Duli Visitor Center (125.5 KM @ Highway 11)


Euglena Program of Art

(Lu Muren + Jiao Shengwei)


Duli Visitor Center (125.5 KM @ Highway 11)

拉黑子 Rahic Talif 都歷園區(台11線125.5公里處)

Duli Visitor Center (125.5 KM @ Highway 11)


Zhang Hemin


Chi Cao Bridge Recreation Area (90 KM @ Highway 11)


George Nuku


Duli Visitor Center (125.5 KM @ Highway 11)


Maiko Sugano


Duli Visitor Center (125.5 KM @ Highway 11)


Daniele Poidomani


Duli Visitor Center (125.5 KM @ Highway 11)


Umeda Tetsuya


Duli Visitor Center (125.5 KM @ Highway 11)



Futuru Tsai, Siki Sufin, and DJ Hatfield


Plan Location: Dulanbi, Dulan Village