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94 Grocery Store, an art studio and new art space that is integrated with workshop and handicraft store. The studio mainly promotes environmental friendly handicraft products made with natural materials, and Eco-conscious products for our daily necessities. Tea, coffee and snacks are also available.

94 Grocery Store



No. 94 Xingchang Village, Donghe Towhship, Taitung County


94 Living Goods

For many years, the hostess of the studio has been involved in the “Garbage Treatment Group” devoted to turn trash into reusable resources with a focus in handicraft creativity. This group will collect garbage and natural materials on the East Coast , and turn them into decorations on the wall to present the relations between ocean ecology and human activities.

Open Studio

  1.  Ocean Waste Monitor Sharing Session -June 14 (Wednesday) 20:00
  2.  Xu Guangfu / Hemp Rope Handbag Making Workshop- July 17 (Monday) 14:00
  3.  Li Peixuan / Recycle Paper Postcard Making Workshop- August 6 (Sunday) 14:00
  4.  Li Peixuan / Workshop on Turning Ocean Waste and Recycle Paper into Hanging Decoration – August 7 (Monday) 14:00