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iving in Taitung for four years, the winner of 27th annual Golden Melody Award for Best Indigenous Singer, Balai, has blended tradition with modernity in his music while connecting ancient and present times. His strength is a warm and hearty voice that is infused with robust emotional expressions and interactions with live audiences onsite. Standing on the land of the East Coast, his songs carry a penetrative power to our hearts while providing a historic placement for the new generation of indigenous people.

He released his solo album “The Modern Ancient”   in December 2015 and was highly recognized. Next year, he won the 27th Annual Golden Melody Awards for Best Indigenous Singer, and his album and singles including “Hover(Panxuan)” won the 7th Annual Gold Sound Awards for Best Single, and a total of five award nominations including the Best New Artist. A talented singer-songwriter with years of experience as a guest performer on international stages, his live show is definitely worthwhile.



No. 191 Zhongxing Road Sec 2, Taitung City, Taitung County,
Sugar Factory Wanfu Warehouse



Open Studio


Over 85% of Balai’s songs were created here in Taitung, it’s obvious that living in Taitung has greatly inspired Balai’s work. In the last year’s open studio event, Balai participated in the artist residency program based in ECNSA’s headquarters on the beautiful mountainous coast in Taitung. He interacted with the locals and other resident artists over the entire summer and gave birth to the song “Insistent Budding.” In 2019, from the first part of the “Insistent Budding Trilogy”- music embodiment as an artist behavior. After cultivating and developing this new bud, “Original Music Creation Demo” over a whole year, he will be working on song arrangement,  recording, and let it blossom this year. He will also continue to document the processes in video clips and still images, which will be merged with materials previously collected including manuscripts and other records. All the contents from song arrangement and recording, as well as the demo, will be exhibited in Chiao at the Sugar Factory in Taitung City, showing all the processes involved in music production and how a song is born from start to finish. Music-lovers are welcome to visit Taitung to have a glimpse of Balai’s song-writing processes and methods.

Proposed Three Ways To Implement:

1.Song Arrangement and Recording Session (Not Open to Public)

Professional musicians invited to form a band will be playing and interacting with participants during the song arrangement and recording session workshops.

a.Song Arrangement Workshop

Date: July 15, Whole Day Event

 Location: Uncle Lin’s (Linbo’s) Music Studio or Island Studio

b.Recording Session Workshop

Date: July 16, Whole Day Event

Location: Uncle Lin’s (Linbo’s) Music Studio or Island Studio

2.Recording Session Experiential Worksho

Open to public registration, this recording session experiential workshop will utilize various recording formats including the traditional village style singing circle while experiencing the differences and recording the required sound materials.

Date: August 2 Afternoon, Half Day Event (Tentative)

Location: Taitung Sugar Factory, Chiao

Registration Fee: $250

Participant Max: 20

Recruiting Targets: Adults and students interested in music production

To mix all the sound materials collected in both projects, complete our annual goal, and finish recording.

 3. Still Exhibition:

a.Date: August 2 to September 30

b.Location: Chiao, Taitung Sugar Factory