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Piwan wanderer, Balai, an urban grown Taiwan indigenous singer-songwriter, presents his original works with melody and lyrics infused with native blood, spirits of the environment and soul of the land. Full of creative energy, his seemingly ancient voice depicts the innocent and straightforwardness of the original spirit while being transparent and powerfully penetrative.

His singing marked a historical positioning of the new generation of an indigenous singer, and he vowed to stand the test of time. He released his album “The Modern Ancient” in 2015 and was highly praised. The 27 annual Golden Melody awarded him the Best Indigenous Singer, and “Spiral” was awarded Best Style Single and Best New Talent by the 7th Annual Golden Sound Award.


Venue: Moonlite Cafe

No 25, Xincun Rd. Xinyi Village, Chenggong Township, Taitung County (Duli East Coast Scenic Area Headquarters First Floor Cafe)



* June 4 (Mon) – June 8 (Fri) Music Creation Resident Project (Duli Headquarters)

* June 4 (Mon) – August 31 (Fri)  Footage and Still Images Exhibition on Balai’s Creative Path East Coast Scenic Area First Floor Moonlite Cafe

* August 18 (Sat) Music Workshop and Release Party