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Hani is a local artist from Jailulan, Taitung. After retiring from Taiwan Sugar Company, he traveled around for years, seeking the aesthetic roots and focusing on Amis pottery arts. With his wife, Abas, whose expertise is in performing arts and body movement, they returned to the village and built their studio with their own hands. The couple is humorous and hospitable, joking about their Amis-merican creative life.

Hani Art Studio



No. 88, Lane 220, Hejiang Rd., Fugang Village, Taitung County



Open Studio

Activity date

  1.  Workshop on making Amis small pot. The duration of this class is 2 hours, with 10% discount on the kiln and material cost (based on size of the work). One can choose to burn pottery work in electricity powered kiln or open fire (Please send private message to Hani’s Pottery Studio Facebook page to make reservation)
  2.  August 26 (Saturday) Outdoor pottery burning with open fire, graduation ceremony, and pottery market. Exchange pottery works is encouraged.