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Located on the Bawengweng Coast bike path in Taitung (Highway 11 121.5 KM) Laboratory Gallery is a studio operated by local artists Lafin Sawmah and Heidi Yip. Come to the Laboratory Gallery by the Pacific Ocean to enjoy the ocean waves, nice views coffee, and tee. In addition, the gallery also showcases original artworks made by them and other artist friends. Lafin’s driftwood furniture and woodworks, Heidi’s paintings, weaving, potteries, and other crafts, as well as small and unique artworks made by local artist friends,  are for sale in the gallery, where new energy of arts and designs congregates. Laboratory Gallery organizes annual exhibitions to foster exchanges among artists from various fields and local cultural scenes.

Laboratory Gallery

No 16, Fengtian Rd. Bawengweng, Chenggong Township,
Taitung County

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Open Studio

Laboratory Gallery will present two workshops in 2019 focusing on local materials in Taitung. We hope these classes can inspire more people who are interested in Taitung local plants to join us.


Love Life Workshop – Natural Herbal Plant Shower Gel

Time: July 21, 2:00~5:00 AM

Our invited instructor, Chen Rending, from Shgangde Village, will introduce his fragrant herbal plantation in Shangde Village and demonstrate how to make an eco-friendly, natural, multi-purpose shower gel. Let us be the change, loving earth and reducing plastic.


Love Life Workshop – Shell-flower Sewing Kit

Time: August 24 AM1:30~5:30

Laboratory Gallery will invite Maya-Tjemaula again to the closest platform by the Pacific Ocean to teach us how to use the fiber of the leaves of the shell-flower plant to make a sewing kit, and to further educate us how this common yet practical plant can add some fun to everyday life.