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“madL Cultural Space” is located at the south section of Dihua Street in Taipei. It mainly focuses on showcasing younger generation’s contemporary artsy and crafty creation, hoping to analyze arts and crafts through younger generations and new visions, leading to new understanding among the general public. Being a part of the art festival this year, madL brought events such as “Contemporary Craft Exhibition, Charity Market, and Pottery and Fiber Workshop” to Taitung, expecting to further interact and render new aesthetic viewpoints.



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Exhibition Venues:
Moon Light Inn Gallery (No 20, Neighborhood 46, Dulan Village, Donghe Township, Taitung County. TEL:089-530012)

ECNSA Douli Headquaters (No 25, Xincun Rd, Xinyi Village, Chenggong Township, Taitung County)

Open Studio

  1. June 24 (Saturday) and June 25 (Sunday) Raper Rope Chair Knitting Workshop — Highway 11 Studio
  2. August 18 (Friday) Workshop Event – Weaving Bag for Fruits — Moon Light Inn Gallery
  3. August 19 (Saturday) and August 20 (Sunday)Workshop Event — Weaving Fruit Bag — Visitor Center in Douli
  4. August 19 (Saturday) and August 20 (Sunday)Charity Market – Visitor Center in Douli
  5. August 24 (Thursday) – October 1 (Sunday) Walking Mountain, Sleeping Ocean — Joint Exhibition of Zhan Zhihong’s Pottery and ZÖLD’s Fabric Artwork
  6. August24 (Thursday) Workshop Event – Weaving Bag for Fruits — Moon Light Inn Gallery