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Located in Shitiwan, the Stone Terraced Bay in Gangkou Village, Stone Terraced Kiln is the first wood-burning kiln in the East Coast of Taitung and Hualien. Center on arts, cultures and nature while integrating with various aspects of “eco” and “land” from the village, passing down the wonderful gift from the nature through the creativity of our hands, combined with the soil, fire, wood and kiln to co-create beautiful textures with a fluid ash-falling effect and brought forth many surprising and unique artworks. The three major features of Stone Terraced Kiln is education, promotion, and culture. With the primary focus on offering experiences related to the traditional wood-burning kiln, pottery culture, and handmade pottery experience. We want to convey a simple yet rich life philosophy and aesthetic concept, by working together to transform the cultural and humanistic spirit of the handmade wood-burning kiln pottery into visually pleasing three-dimensional work, so that it can thrive sustainably in the village and create an abundant and merging tourist scene for the farming industry.

Stone Terraced Kiln




Open Studio

* June 13 (Wed.) – August 30 (Thu) Li Junlan, Residential Artist Pottery Exhibition

* July 21 (Sat) Xu Qiangzhao – Clay Sculpture

* July 28 (Sat) Xu Qiangzhao – Clay Sculpture (Advanced Class)

* July 31 – August 3 Stone Terraced Kiln -Burn Day Open 24 hour (Visitors Welcome)

* August 18 (Sat) Kiln Opening Tea Gathering: Stone Terraced Kiln (Visitors Welcome)