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Located in the main structure of Dulan Sugar Factory in Taitung, this studio is operated jointly by artist Minshu Kao and brewer Brian. In addition to the regular exhibition of artist Minshu’s works, the outdoor area with a lawn is designed as a marketplace for handicraft artisans tp set up their booths. Also, to meet the needs of diverse artistic expressions, the studio offers occasional indoor and outdoor stage performances to promote and share the spirit of art.

Highway 11 Art Studio



No 61, Dulan Village, Donghe Township, Taitung County

Dulan Xindong Sugar Factory Main Factory Complex (under the chimney)

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台11 Highway11

Workshop in Progress

In the second half of the year 2019, Highway 11 will be expanding to a new space on the other side of the factory, where the artist will integrate the spirit of the open studio and conduct an experimental “exhibition in progress”.

Part I: July Entry Imagery Art Installation (Relief door made of copper foil /aluminum foil)

Part II: Grand Opening for the new space and exhibition on Dulan Sugar Factory History / Open Circle Tribe on August 24

During the Open Studio Event, the artist will be creating installation art for the entry during the entire July and August. Because the worksite is right at the entry (and doorway), visitors can see the artist’s creative process and how the work transforms over time, turning artistic creation into a form of performance.

When the entry installation artwork is completed on August 24, Highway 11 studio will introduce the new showroom with documents on exhibition (concert) to introduce important cultural center “Dulan Sugar Factory” and “Open Circle Tribe”.