Welcome To Taiwan East Coast

Showcase & Marketplace Event Concept

Moon Light Sea Concert” stage uses the natural landscape as the background, with the dynamic display of natural phenomena such as the rising and setting of the sun and moon, as well as the tidal differences as a metaphor to specifically yet subtly convey the easy-going philosophy and aesthetic style of the East Coast that the Land Arts Festival intends to express.

Aligned with the East Coast Land Arts Festival’s curatorial theme of 2018, the overall concept of Moon Light Sea Concert has been contrived as “Songs of Waves” in 2019 and “Boundary Wandering” in 2020. Visitors can gaze through windows of the natural landscape while engaging in a dynamic performance taking place in the marketplace, observing and expressing the abundant imagery of the landscape, music, culture, ethnic groups and unique ethos of the East Coast. With the extended invitation for cultural exchanges, a broadened selection of international performance troupes reveals its cosmopolitanism and future potential of the quality of life in the East Coast of Taiwan surpassing the cultural and language barriers.



  • Solstice Wave – 6/21/2019 (Fridays)
With the blessings and rhythms of the ocean, this concert is specially planned on the day of the solstice to kick off the colorful East Coast summer.
  • Screaming Wave- 7/17/2019 (Wednesday)
Let the soundwaves of the coastal rock hit the souls of the travelers in July and inspire infinite ripple effects during the hottest time on the East Coast.
  • Folk Wave – 7/18/2019 (Thursday)
From the Pacific breeze to the chorus of the coastal mountains, these songs of the island are gifts to the world.
  •  Poetic Wave – 8/16/2019 (Friday)
So many beautiful ethnic groups live together on this wonderful solstice island, sharing their songs and poems among one another.
  • Swing Wave – 8/17/2019 (Saturday)
The rhythms of the ocean tides sway with the vital force of the island group, allowing us to swing together in the sparkling moonlight sea.
  •  Next Wave – 9/14/2019 (Saturday)
After four years of an amazing journey, the unparalleled charm of the moonlight sea stage not only has attracted every audience it encountered but also attracted many extinguishing performers, as well as frequent inquiries on FB pages from supporters regarding our performers recruiting mechanism.
  • Endless Wave-9/15/2019 (Sunday)



Marketplace Event Description


Aligned with the timing and life rhythm of the harvest festival of the East Coast, the theme for this Moon Light Sea Concert marketplace of creativity and gourmet food is the harvest.



With the increasing activities in fishing and an abundant catch of Dolphin fish, lobsters and sea urchins in August, the life in East Coast becomes busy and active.



The main theme in September on the East Coast should be life. The mild temperature makes it the most pleasant time of the year; meanwhile, the approaching of autumn also brings forth the northeast monsoon. The September event coincides with the Mid-autumn festival, therefore, during this time of reunion, various creative forms are invited to join the event under the theme of moonlight and autumn sea.