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The 2019-2020 East Coast Land Arts Festival’s are inviting expert artists and stage performers all around the world to come !!

Call For Participants! The 2019-2020 East Coast Land Arts Festival’s Residency Program, Open Studio, and Moonlight Sea Concerts are inviting expert artists and stage performers all around the world to come and stay on the East Coast of Taiwan and make art!!

The East Coast National Scenic Area, Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation (referred to as ECNSA) is hosting the fifth annual East Coast Land Arts Festival under the themes, “Songs of Wave” in 2019, and “Gathering Boundary” in 2020. The organizers are openly inviting individuals or groups of expert artists, studio space-holders, and stage performers to participate in events including Residency Program, Open Studio, and Moonlight Sea Concerts. Now calling for proposals from all around the world, the event organizers will also host informative meetups in Taitung, Taipei, and Hualien.


ECNSA stated that the East Coast Land Arts Festival has been highly deemed by all walks of life since its inauguration in 2015. Whether it is the integration of landscape and culture, pieces co-created by inspired and synergistic local artists, interactions between of the villagers and overseas artists from the residency program, the concept of art corridor that connects various deep-rooted art studios alone the East Coast, or even the “Moonlight Sea Concerts” where audience can sit down on the ground under the moonlight in front of the ocean backdrop, all have become the focus among the local and overseas artists, performers and tourists. Moonlight Sea Concerts is even recognized as one of the seven major summer music concerts in Taiwan and become everyone’s not-to-be-missed travel destination.


The 2019 event theme “Songs of Waves” is the continuation of the spirit of ocean invoke in 2017’s “Intertidal Symbiosis,” and 2018’s “Between Islands,” embodying the local symbiotic connections and stressing the importance of Taiwan as the mother island of the pan-pacific culture. In 2019, under the theme “Songs of Waves,” we intend to focus on the rhythmic and unique aspect of life following the natural cycles of the East Coast. Under this theme, we would like to invite artists to collaborate with Dulan Village to create a piece of installation on the villagers’ cultural heritage site, Dulan Cape, with a variety of arrangements of mix media including video and audio to represent local cultural roots and village life. We are also calling for four partners for the Open Studio event to carry out the versatile and rhymic art energy of the East Coast. Also, to broaden and invigorate the participation of the Moonlight Sea Concerts, this year, for the first time, we are openly calling for individual or group performers to join us on stage. The selected ones will take the stage, shining gloriously in the Moonlight Sea Concert like an international superstar on September 14.


Aligning with the 2020 Mountain Travel Year Campaign, the East Coast Land Arts Festival’s annual theme “Gathering Boundary” will look into the geographic features of East Coast, being the border where Eurasia Plate and Phillippine Sea Plate meet, to consider the artistic sparks created by impactful encounters between the mountain and the ocean cultures. We are accepting proposals this year for the selection of five local Taiwanese or international artists, as well as four Open Studio partners. It is hoped that one entire year of planning and preparation will infuse the energy of plate aggregation further, soaking and curing into the artworks.


Lin Weiling, the Director of ECNSA, said that the ethos of the East Coast Land Arts Festival dwells on the integration of landscape, life aesthetics, and tourism. Emphasizing on the residency program and local participation, we encourage the dialogue between nature and art while utilizing the innovative strategies in arts and cultural tourism to merge local and overseas artistic vitality and create the unique cultural and natural landscapes. In order to spread the words regarding the organizing and participating principles, we will host informative meetups on April 30, 1:30 pm, at the Moonlight Sea Cafe (Taitung), May 12, 2 pm, at the Shancheng Rehearsal Arena, Treasure Hill Artist Village (Taipei), and May 25, Hualien Eslite Bookstore (Hualien). Artists, art gallery operators, performers from all walks of life are welcome to join us and submit proposals (see attached application). More information is available on ECNSA website www.eastcoast-nsa.gov.tw/ or event website www.teclandart.tw. For the event details and updates, please follow “East Coast Land Arts Festival and “Nga’ayho! East Coast” Facebook pages. Beginning June 21, visitors are also welcome to make their holiday arrangements to the East Coast to experience the unique life rhythm and artistic atmosphere.



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