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A Taiwanese indigenous artist of Taroko descent, Jiewen was graduated in 2008 from the Department of Temporary Space Design, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. In 2009, she returned to Taiwan and worked in the eastern part of the island since then, exploring issues related to women, ethnicity, environment, and society. She has participated in the artist-in-residence programs in Taiwan, New Caledonia, China, and Spain. She is good at sensing the surroundings and linking local history and background to create artworks on site.

She started working with traditional Truku weaving for self-development, and her works include soft sculpture, videography, images, metalwork, public art, etc. In 2020, she started entering into the multidisciplinary field, curating her exhibition “Wrapped Mountain” in Ruixin Mine in her mountainous village, Hong-ye.

After becoming a mother in 2015, her creations have become a medium for her own experiences and records. Her expressions towards pregnancy to mother and child relation are straightforwardly shown in her works. They can be represented by “The Person Who Nourishes Life” and “Red Dinosaur.” She currently lives between Taiwan and Italy and has co-founded Mud Chair Studio with Italian director Tommaso Muzzi. Their works include exhibition curating and cultural documentary production. They have won the Public Arts of Environmental Integration Award, Creative Award, and the first prizes in Pulima Art Awards in 2014 and 2016.

작품 명칭

작품 명칭: 여름 일광욕

창작자: 린지에원

재질: 재활용 범포, 고철, 철근, 플라스틱 호스, 병뚜껑, 각종 해양 폐기물

규격: 깊이 500센티미터, 폭 400센티미터, 높이 250센티미터(+-10%)

전시장소: 화롄관광센터(花蓮遊客中心)


동해안의 긴 여름 찬란한 햇빛 아래, 산과 바다 만물은 반짝반짝 빛나며 선명하고 아름답다.

만약 이곳이 이탈리아였다면, 해변 곳곳에 산뜻하고 아름다운 양산이 보이고, 썬 베드 그리고 햇볕 쬐는 것을 즐기는 사람들을 볼 수 있을 것이다.

이와 반대로 대만 사람은 피부가 하얀 것을 아름다움이라 여겨, 다들 햇볕 쬐는 것을 좋아하지 않는다.

그래서 동해안에 일광욕을 하는 인체 모양 설치 작품을 만들었다.

한가로이 거니는 동해안 산과 바다 사이의 여행객을 불러 눈으로 무한한 풍경을 실컷 보는 것 외에도,

온몸으로 바닷바람 중의 염분을 느끼며, 지구를 비추는 생명의 근원인 햇빛의 입맞춤을 느끼길 바란다.


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