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06/21︱ WeArt Performing Arts Platform

The song of the island is a delightful collaboration among artists from the various artistic and culture backgrounds coming from Taiwan and Europe. It is a site-specific performance incorporating dance, music and the natural landscape. The dialogue starts as a craft of the inner attachment to the nature of every living and becomes an ongoing lyric poet. In this work, we invite our audience to join the journey of exploring and, at the same time, discovering the harvest of the nature inside ourselves and also around our living.

“WeArt-Performing Arts Platform” is a collaborative platform integrating “interdisciplinary arts production group” and “education center”. Based in Taitung, Dulan, we continue developing the best  response to the space and natural surroundings  of our existence.

Our performance breaks the barriers between living space and stage space, excavates the beauty and value of the living space, we look forward to establishing a deeper dialogue and communication with the audience.